Our clients subscribe to Monitor for various reasons. The most common need is to move  from manual follow-up and reporting of the portfolio to digital, thus increasing speed, security, clarity, accessibility and efficiency.

Our clients have different portfolios (ranging from €1M to €4’000M), have different purposes and strategies. A common denominator is their long-term view of their portfolios.

The system is used for many purposes and by many different roles; from board and principals, placement committee and management to back office and control functions.

Examples of clients:

  • The Nobel foundation (Nobelstiftelsen)
  • Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting (SKL)
  • Sparinstitutens Pensionskassa (SPK)
  • Kyrkans pensionskassa
  • Offentliganställdas Förhandlingsråd (OFR)
  • AstraZeneca Pension Foundation
  • Tyréns Stiftelseförvaltning
  • Bliwa Liv- och Sakförsäkring
  • Landsorganisationen (LO)
  • Ericsson Pension Foundation
  • Omställningsfonden
  • Mistra – The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research
  • Rettig Asset Management (Finland)
  • Peter Aas AS (Norge)
  • Alandia Insurance (Finland)