Digital reporting is faster, safer and clearer

...compared to doing it manually.

Manual reporting is often dependent on individuals (and complex Excel-sheets), built up in several steps and with the risks and errors it may imply. Using our system – Monitor – we link the data sources with the calculation and analysis and show the results online – in an automated, integrated, digital process.

This means that Monitor can provide status and reports every day and everywhere. On the phone, on the tablet and in the computer. The system can also be used to store any type of document relating to the portfolio – an “integrated portfolio memory”.

Support for managing new regulation

Also for non-professionals

The responsibility for institutional asset management is increasingly evident at the board and principal level. However, individuals at those levels are usually not experts in asset management.

At the same time – financial markets and products have become increasingly difficult to understand.

Critical decisions require early insight and an overall perspective from everyone in the board.

The need to be able to monitor asset management in a more transparent and easily accessible manner is often called by both auditors and risk and compliance functions.

We know this

We have done it before

We have 20 years of experience in financial reporting to boards and management. That has taught us that overview, availability and reliability is necessary when managing and controlling large portfolios.

Digital Portfolio Control AB is an independent company with IT focus. We are a spin-off from Wassum. The company name is new but our systems and services have been in use for several years.

Our journey doesn't stop here

Continuous improvement and development is a natural part of our business

We know and think IT and finance at the same time. We are well aware that the financial world, regulations and technology will not stand still. Monitor must therefore be developed all the time. It is a prerequisite for being able to support our customers – today and tomorrow.

Our focus so far has been on mid to large size institutional capital owners and their needs. We also see other users in both the semi-retail and retail markets with the corresponding needs.

Monitor is not a product – it is a technical platform. It can be customized on from input to output for different user types. The platform can also be built into someone else’s service and also under someone else’s brand.

Subscribe to Monitor

Monitor is available as an App

Monitor can be used by anyone who is currently handling manual collection, calculation and presentation of reports for institutional portfolios.

The system can be adapted to different portfolios and customer needs. Using only one click, you have access to the information you want to see and manage. Monitor can be used in PCs, tablets and mobiles.

You subscribe to Monitor and pay for the modules you need. After digitizing sources for import and history, your portfolio is available in Monitor.